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Hours of Operation: 

24 Hours
M-F, 8 AM - 4 PM


Have you obtained a burn permit and/or contacted Fire staff?

Have you checked today's predicted fire danger?

It is the mission of Windham Fire Department to protect lives, property, and promote the well being of the people of Windham. This is accomplished through effective response to community threats and enforcement of fire safety laws and standards.

Through the joint efforts of both labor and management, the Windham Fire Department strives to be a recognized leader in the emergency services in New Hampshire by maintaining a highly visible leadership role, integrity, and professionalism.

The Windham Fire Department is full-time, 24 hour department. In addition to providing emergency services, the Department also works closely with community organizations on Fire Prevention units in our school district, CPR and First Aid classes.

The Department recommends the following the following links to our residents (each will open in a new browser window):

Burning Permits

A burning permit is required before kindling any type of outside fire, regardless of weather conditions. Permits will be issued annually, upon request, to property owners or to tenants over the age of 18 having written permission from the property owner. Permit holders then need only contact the Station prior to burning to confirm their activities. Remember always to use safe practices when burning: check the day's fire danger, never leave a fire unattended or use flammable accelerants, and always have a hose, rake or shovel ready to assist with fully extinguishing the fire.

What can I burn:

Clean, ordinary combustibles including wood and brush less than 5 inches in diameter, campfire wood, charcoal (on the ground).