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If you can't find what you're looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions below, you could try searching the site or, as always, feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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Where do we vote in Windham, and what hours are the polls open?

Voting takes place at Windham High School, and the polls are open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Is municipal water and/or sewer available in Windham?

No. All properties in Windham are on private septic systems. With the exception of some limited areas in Town on community wells serviced by Pennichuck Waterworks (882- 5191), all are also on private wells.

Is there municipal trash pickup in Windham?

No. Residents may transport their trash to the Transfer/Recycling Station, or contract pickup with a private company.

Do the Selectmen have office hours and, if not, how do I contact them with my question or concern?

The members of the Board of Selectmen are not regularly in the office, however, any concerns can be handled by the Administrative staff and/or the Town Administrator. If listed in the local telephone directory, the Selectmen may be reached at their homes, if desired.

How will I know when the Town Offices are closed?

Most departments, with the exception of the Police and Fire, are closed on all federally observed holidays. Any unexpected closings will be posted, at a minimum, here on the official website.

When will I receive my tax bill? What period of time does my tax bill cover?

Tax bills are mailed twice a year, generally in June and November, and are due 30 days from the date of notice. Property taxes are assessed as of April 1 each year, and the tax bills represent an entire year billed in two (2) installments.

How do I get a pass for the Town Beach?

Passes are available to Windham residents at the beach. There is no charge, however proof of residency must be presented (i.e. tax bill, vehicle registration, etc.)

How long is the paved walking area at Griffin Park?

Walking around the "Figure 8", the length is a 10th or two over a mile. The perimeter is just under.

Who do I contact to rent the Town Hall meeting room?

Contact the Administrative Offices at (603) 432-7732.

Can I reserve the Town Common for my wedding?

As town-owned land, the Common is public property and cannot be exclusively reserved for private functions. You are welcome to conduct your ceremony there if you'd like, but we cannot prevent other individuals from using the area simultaneously.

I want to have a yard sale. Do I need a permit? What types of activities do require a permit from the Town?

Yard sales do not require a permit. A permit is required to conduct a raffle, and can be obtained from the Administrative Offices. Ice cream truck and other vendors should contact the Chief of Police regarding any permitting requirements.

My High School student needs to do some community service. Can the Town help?

If work is available, the Town of Windham is usually able to help fill your student's service needs. Please contact the Administrative Offices at (603) 432-7732 for more information.

I attended/graduated from Castle Junior College, which has since closed. Can the Town help me obtain my transcripts?

No, we cannot. However, if you contact the Administration Office of the Sisters of Mercy at (603) 893-6550, they can assist you.

Is hunting allowed on Town Conservation Land?

Yes, with the exception of Deer Leap and Foster's Pond; subject to adherence to all other regulations. See the NH Fish and Game Hunting site for more information.

I need a passport. Can I get the paperwork from the Town?

No. Applications for new/renewal passports are available from the Salem NH Post Office. You may contact them at 685-2005 for more information.

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How do I report animal control issues?

Animal Control concerns should be reported to the Windham Police Dispatch at 434-5577; and each will then be forwarded on to the Animal Control Officer.

Does the Town have a leash law?

No. The Town has adopted the provisions of RSA 466:30-a "Dog Control Law". In addition, there are town-specific ordinances regarding dogs on Town property

Does the Town have a nuisance law?

NH RSA's 466:31 and 466:31-a define nuisance offenses and related penalties.

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Where can I get my plot plan, tax map or property card?

Plot plans, when available, can be obtained at the Community Development Department. Copies of tax maps can be obtained from the Assessor's Office, and you may print a copy of your property card via a self-service terminal there or here online.

How do I get an abutter list?

Abutter lists are required by the Community Development Department for certain projects in Windham. Abutters can be determined and a list of same generated either at the self-service terminal mentioned above or online.

How do I file for a property tax abatement?

You may not file for an abatement until after the final (December) tax bill has been received. Abatement applications will be available at the Assessor's Office, and must be filed by March 1 to be eligible for consideration.

What are the requirements for an elderly or veterans exemption?

There are a number of requirements which must be met in order to qualify for exemptions or credits. Please contact the Assessing Department at (603) 434-7530 for further information.

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Am I permitted to burn brush?

Generally, you can only burn brush when it is raining out or with sufficient snow cover, and during the hours of 9am to 5pm. A permit is required. Please contact the Fire Station during regular business hours at (603) 434-4907 for more information.

Is trash burning permitted?

No. As of January 1, 2003, the State of NH no longer allows distribution of incinerator permits.

What kind of permits can I/must I get at the Fire Station?

Click here for a list of permits that are available during regular business hours at the Fire Station.

Does the Fire Department have personal flotation devices available for public use?

Yes. Residents can come to the Fire Station during regular business hours, present their driver's license, and borrow a device.

Is there a boating safety course available at the Fire Department?

No, but safety courses are offered by the NH Marine Patrol. Click here for more information.

Is there an OHRV safety course available at the Fire Department?

No, but click here for information regarding the safety courses offered by the NH Fish & Game Department.

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I'm new to Town, and need to speak to someone about an issue with my street's maintenance. Who do I contact?

First, please check here to verify that your road is not a private or State-owned roadway. If it is owned by the State, please contact Division 5. If it is not listed as a private road, contact the Highway Agent, Jack McCartney, at (603) 965-1211.

The street sign/stop sign/other sign for my road has disappeared. Who do I contact to get it replaced?

Contact the Highway Agent at the above number, or the Administrative Offices at (603) 432-7732.

Who do I contact to report a safety concern (ie: lowering speed limits/visibility issues) pertaining to a Town road?

Safety concerns and suggestions for improvement should be directed to the Highway Safety Committee.

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Who can apply for welfare services?

Windham residents in financial need may be eligible for assistance and should contact Kathy Davis, Human Resource Coordinator at (603) 432-7732 for application information. All information is held strictly confidential.

What kind of assistance does the Town offer?

Assistance to qualified individuals varies, but may include food/fuel vouchers, rent/mortgage assistance, prescription assistance, and/or utility assistance.

Does the Town offer assistance with security deposits?

Yes. Qualified individuals my be eligible for assistance with security deposits when relocating.

Where can I apply for fuel assistance?

More information about the NH Fuel Assistance Program can be found here.

How do I get transportation assistance?

The Town of Windham has a 15-passenger van staffed by part-time drivers, which provides transportation to and from doctor appointments, etc, to Windham's senior and disabled residents. The van also makes a weekly shopping trip to Wal-Mart each Wednesday. For more information, contact Kathy Davis at (603) 432-7732.

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Does the Police Department do fingerprinting for children?

Not generally. In keeping with the latest technology, the Department has moved to offering free DNA kits for child identification. Contact Chief Lewis at (603) 434-5577 for further information.

Does the Police Department offer any self-defense courses?

Yes. The Department periodically offers Rape Assault and Defense (RAD) training for women and children For more information, contact Captain Mike Caron at (603) 434-5577.

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Who mows/maintains the athletic fields in Town?

Field maintenance is contracted out to various local contractors with oversight by the Town's Recreation and Maintenance Departments.

How do I reserve a field for a game/group function?

Contact the Recreation Coordinator, Cheryl Haas at 965-1208.

How do I find out about recreational activities/programs going on in Town?

Information about various recreational items can be found here.

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Does the Town allow disposal of brush, stumps and logs?

Brush within a certain size is acceptable. Please visit the Highway Department page for more information. Stumps, logs, and oversized brush are not accepted at the Marblehead landfill/yard waste site. Residents may use a commercial facility such as M&R Wood Recycling in Derry, (603) 425-0300, or obtain an open burn permit through the Fire Department.

Does the Town allow disposal of household hazardous waste?

These items are not acceptable at the Transfer/Recycling Station, however, collection events are offered regionally several times each year. Please visit the Nashua Regional Planning Commission site for more information, or contact the City of Nashua Public Works at (603) 589-3410 for more information. Pamphlets are also available at the Windham Transfer/Recycling Station.

Does the Town allow disposal of demolition/construction debris?

Disposal of such debris is a non-limited free service for Windham residents only, and no scale weight or demo ticket is necessary. All commercial contractors, however, must be weighed and pay for weight.

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