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Special Instructions

  • Video display units (televisions, computer monitors, etc) are no longer general trash, and must be disposed of as hazardous waste.
  • "Sharps" (hypodermic needles) must be encased in a secure container and be physically handed to a Station employee. Residents contracting curbside pickup are asked not to include sharps or other medical waste in their weekly trash.
  • Sleeper sofas must have their metal frame removed prior to disposal. The frame should be deposited into the steel bin, and the sofa into general trash.
  • Sheetrock (drywall) and porcelain products (toilets, etc.) are considered demolition waste.
  • Elderly residents are encouraged to seek the assistance of staff when disposing of heavy or bulky materials that may result in their injury.
  • In the interest of their health and safety, we ask that your children aged six (6) and under remain in your vehicle as you dispose of your items.
  • Fuel tanks must be removed prior to disposal of any motorized equipment. Also, all fluids should be drained.
  • Beginning January 1, 2008, all products containing intentionally-added mercury will be prohibited from disposal at the Transfer/Recycling Station. These items include, but are not limited to, thermometers, thermostats, electrical relays, and fluorescent and CFL light bulbs. Please check the product label to ensure no mercury content.
  • Because of handling issues, we would ask residents to contain shredded paper in a cardboard box or paper bag when when depositing it at the Transfer Station. This form of paper is very difficult to handle and contain in the single stream processing. We thank you for your cooperation and compliance.
  • Fluorescent bulbs can be recycled at Cyr Lumber, 39 Rockingham Road, Windham. Please call 898-5136 for more information.
  • Effective March 11, 2008, the Transfer Station will no longer accept commercial construction/demolition waste. All commercial entities should divert their C&D to an alternative disposal location. Residents may continue to bring their C&D in their own vehicle. If you have any questions, please contact the Station at 426-5102.