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History of the Department

The Windham Highway Department was started in April 2000, with Wayne Bailey appointed as Acting Road Agent after the resignation of former Road Agent, Bob Devlin, who served the Town for 17 years.  In October of 2000, Jack McCartney was hired as Assistant Highway Agent, and in September of 2001, promoted to Highway Agent.  In September of 2002, Steve Hindes was hired full-time to assist Jack in his daily duties, and in 2009 James Spaziano joined the Highway Department staff.

Equipment which the department has includes (1) 2008 Ford F-350 pick-up truck, (1) 2008 Ford F-450 one-ton dump truck with a plow and sander, (1) 1992 five-ton Kodiak dump truck with plow and sander, (1) 1993 five-ton Ford dump truck with plow and sander, (1) 2010 five-ton International dump truck with plow and sander, (1) 2002 Dressta 2 1/2 yard front-end loader, and (1) 1998 Bobcat skidsteer loader. The Town also owns numerous plows and wing blades for winter snow removal operations.

The vast majority of this equipment is housed at the new Highway Salt Shed and maintenance facility located on Ledge Road. With this new, centrally located shop, winter operations are already more efficient and, in time, we expect year round improvements once completely settled into the site.

The Highway Department duties generally include routine road maintenance, i.e. cold patch; shoulder shimming; basin and culvert repair and cleaning; street sweeping; roadside mowing; sign replacement and or installation; road reclaiming or reconstruction; tree and brush pruning or removal; snowplowing and sanding; and several other items related to maintaining the Town’s roadways. 

The vast majority of this work involves sub-contractors, many who have served the Town for years.  These include plowing contractors; paving companies; sign makers and suppliers; equipment and supply vendors; and local contractors for mowing, basin cleaning, street sweeping, tree removal and road repair and reconstruction work.  Without their continued help we could not manage the growing road network.

We would like to thank the residents for their support on many projects and hope to continue to improve our services as time and finances allow, so Windham residents can be proud and feel safe while traveling throughout the Town.  Should you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to call us at (603) 216-5676.