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Tax Collector - FAQ

In hopes of helping you to better understand the workings of the Tax Office and the billing procedures, we have developed a listing of our most frequently asked questions. New and current residents alike are encouraged to review the information below prior to coming in if they have any questions regarding proper procedures, or call us for further information. 

I own several properties, and received a separate bill for each. Can I pay with a single check?

Yes.  An original bill or “dummy” bill is required for each account. One check may be used to cover all bills submitted. 

What is all that information on my bill(s)?

Tax map number, property address and owner name(s) must appear on each bill. Tax map number consists of map, lot and account number (ex. 25R-302-1801). 

Why is my bill not going to my mortgage lender (escrow account holder)? 

The State of New Hampshire RSA's state that real estate tax bills be sent directly to the property owner. It is the property owner(s) responsibility to forward a copy to the lender.

What period of time does my bill cover? 

April 1 through March 31.

When can I expect to receive my bill?

Tax bills are mailed in May and October, with due dates in July and December.

When is the TAX RATE set? 

The tax rate for any given year is set in mid-October of that same year.

Then how did you come up with my current bill if the rate hasn't been set yet? 

The July bill is an estimated bill which is based on the previous year’s tax rate.

Why is the second bill in December so different from the first bill I received?

The December bill represent your actual taxes for the year. It reflects the new tax rate, assessment changes (if applicable), and previous payments applied (including the first billing).