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Board of Selectmen

Meeting Schedule: 
Every other Monday, 7:00 PM
Meeting Location: 
Community Development, 3 N. Lowell Road
Support Staff: 
Administration, 4 N. Lowell Road
(603) 432-7732
(603) 965-1234
Direct Correspondence to:: 

Board of Selectmen

3 North Lowell Road

Windham, NH 03087

Televised Live: 
Yes, Channel 20
History of Governence

Since its incorporation, the Town of Windham and its residents have been served by dedicated members of the community, giving generously of their time and expertise to the betterment of the town. With the exception of the first three years after the granting of our charter, the Windham Board of Selectmen always  consisted of 3 elected members. It was not until over 240 years later, in 1987, that the growth in town prompted the Annual Town Meeting to increase the Board’s membership to five.

Although the configuration of the Board has undergone changes, the duties and responsibilities it is charged with have varied very little through the years. The addition to the staff of our Town Administrator in 1988 has lessened the burden on the Board in - among other things - managing the day to day operations of the Town, as well as preparation of budgetary matters and oversight of personnel issues, however it has not removed these responsibilities entirely. Working in cooperation with the Town Administrator, Department Heads, employees, residents, and a host of others, the primary objective of the Board remains the oversight and management of the Town’s financial, departmental, and community affairs.

Currently serving on the Board are:

  • Joel Desilets, Chairman
  • Ross McLeod, Vice Chairman
  • Bruce Breton
  • Roger Hohenberger
  • Jennifer Simmons

While the members of the Board of Selectmen are not generally available in the Administrative offices during the course of the business day, any concerns or questions can be addressed by the Administrative staff and/or the Town Administrator, David Sullivan. If listed in the local telephone directory, the Selectmen may be reached at their homes.

Members of the Board of Selectmen are elected by the voters. Anyone interested in running is encouraged to contact the Town Clerk for more information about the candidacy filing period, which takes place in January, and is subject to a deadline.

2014 Cost of Services Study

March 25, 2015: At the request of the Board of Selectmen, an analysis of the Town's 2014 revenues and expenses has been completed by staff, and these figures used to update the Cost of Services of Study completed in 2009. 

You may view the results, as presented to the Board of Selectmen at their March 23, 2015 meeting, below.