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Highway Safety Committee

Meeting Schedule: 
As needed
Meeting Location: 
Direct Correspondence to:: 

Chairman, Highway Safety Committee

3 North Lowell Road

Windham, NH 03087

Televised Live: 

The Highway Safety Committee is comprised of various town Department Heads and two (2) citizens at large. The Committee meets once a month, when necessary, and is charged with ensuring the safety of the Town of Windham's roadways through  review and discussion of issues and subsequent recommendations made to the Board of Selectmen for implementation/placement of signage, repairs and maintenance, striping, and the like.

Residents who have a concern or issue relating to Highway Safety are asked to submit their concerns in writing to: Chairman, Highway Safety Committee, PO Box 120, Windham, NH  03087-0120.

Currently serving on the Committee are:

  • Tom McPherson, Fire Chief, Chairman
  • Jack McCartney, Highway Agent
  • Gerry Lewis, Chief of Police
  • Elizabeth Wood, Community Planner
  • Rex Norman, Tax Assessor
  • Robert Coole, Resident
  • Allan Barlow, Resident

Please note, the Highway Safety Committee does not address issues pertaining to routine plowing/street sweeping/ maintenance. Questions or concerns in these areas should be directed to: Jack McCartney, Highway Agent