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Chairman, Forestry Committee

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The Windham Forestry Committee was established in 2014 by the Board of Selectmen following an affirmative Town Meeting vote to create a Town Forest comprised of various town-owned parcels as authorized under RSA 31:110. As established, this Forest encompasses the following six (6) parcels of Town Conservation Land located in the area of Bayberry Road: 25-R-7010, 25-R-8000, 25-R-7025, 25-R-103, 25-R-6500, and 25-R-6000A. Collectively, these parcels comprise approximately 201.4 acres. You may view a map of the area here

The Forestry Committee is responsible for the management of the Town Forest and, as required in NH RSA 31:111, performs the following functions:

  • Develops a Forestry Management Plan.
  • Encourages the proper management of the timber, firewood, and other natural resources associated with the Forest through plantings, timber stand improvements, thinning, harvesting, reforestation, and other multiple use programs consistent with an approved Forest Management Plan. 
  • Identifies and pursues Federal, State, and other grants and funding for the purposes of managing and maintaining the Town Forest.

Committee members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen, and the membership is comprised of five (5) Regular members. Two (2) are members of the Conservation Commission, and the remaining three (3) are residents of the Town.

Any resident interested in volunteering their time as a member of the Committee is encouraged to contact the Town Administrator.  

Currently serving on the Committee are:

  • Wanda Rice – Chair
  • Norman Babineau – Vice Chair
  • Jim Fricchione
  • Brian McFarland – Conservation Commission
  • James Finn – Conservation Commission

Town Forest Stewardship Plan:

The town is interested in a multiple use concept for its forested properties. This concept includes recreation, wildlife habitat, soil and water conservation and sound long term sustainable timber management. One of the many benefits that can be derived from long-term sustained yield forestry is the generation of periodic revenue from timber harvests.

Far more important is that responsible timber harvesting also encourages the growth of quality trees that remain after the harvest as well as the establishment and or release of tree regeneration, in order to grow tomorrow’s forest beneath the forest of today. Forest management can also be beneficial to wildlife in that harvesting has the potential to create browse from sprouting cut trees as well as provide cover for wildlife as the seedling trees develop into saplings.

View the Town's Forest Stewardship Plan and Soils Addendum.

McIlvaine Town Forest Wildlife Monitoring

September 2016: The Windham Forestry Committee is actively managing the properties now known as the McIlvaine Town Forest, in accordance with NH RSA 31:111.

One of the goals of our 10 year Forest Stewardship Plan is to support a multiple use concept in the forest. This includes recreational opportunities, wildlife habitat, conservation of soil and water resources, and sustainable long-term timber management. In doing this, we could use the public’s help.

Hunters, hikers, and other forest enthusiasts can help us monitor the local wildlife by emailing their observations to forestry@windhamnh.gov.

Interesting wildlife encounters or evidence, including photos if possible, are appreciated. Together we can work to keep our town forest environment as a great place for both wildlife and recreation. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Learn More or Contact Us

In efforts to keep the residents apprised of our efforts, the Forestry Committee periodically issues press releases and other informational news items. These will be archived here for those who wish to learn more about the Committee and the Town Forest.