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FAQ's - Town Clerk's Office

Do you issue beach stickers?

No, you can obtain beach stickers right at the Town Beach on Cobbetts Pond Road.  You must show proof of residency and the cost is free. 

Can you tell me what we paid for motor vehicle registration costs for our income tax?

You can find that information right on your registration!  If you look at the upper right hand corner of your registration, you will find the State fees and then right below, on the bottom right hand corner, you can find the local fees.  If you are listed on the registration,  you can also come into the office during normal business hours, and we can pull the record.  Please make sure to bring your photo ID.

Do you accept credit and debit cards?

YES!  As of January 2015, we happily accept all major credit cards.  Please note that there is a 2.95% fee in addition to your registration cost.  These fees go directly to our third party processor and are not retained by the Town.  Please be aware that these convenience fees cannot be refunded.

Do you host an Annual Rabies Clinic?

Yes, we usually hold them on the last Saturday of either March, April, or May.  Look for advertising in the local newspapers and on the website. 

Can I process a vehicle registration for someone else?

The only transaction that you may process for another person is a renewal of registration.  All other transactions i.e. transfers, new registrations, plate changes, duplicate registrations, and decal changes NEED to be completed by PRIMARY owner only.  There are additional forms that need to be signed while processing these transactions, and a signature of the primary owner needs to authorize the transaction.  If the primary owner can't conduct the transaction, they will need to fill out a notarized power of attorney for motor vehicle purposes only.

Do you close for lunch?


What are your hours of operation?

Mondays: 8am-7pm

Tuesday-Friday: 8am-4pm

One Saturday of the month (usually last Saturday) 9am-noon

Can I get an estimate on my renewal or new registration?

You can find that information here.

Do you offer Notary Services?

Yes, we have several Notaries during normal business hours.  If you see a line at the Town Clerk's office, and want the Notary Service, keep in mind that there is a Notary in the Assessing office, and also at the Community Development Dept. 

How often do I need to register my dog?

Dog licenses, which are required by State statue, expire on April 30 of each year. To register or renew your dog license, you will need to bring proof of rabies vaccination. Fees are based on whether the dog is neutered/spayed or not. Senior owners are eligible for a reduced licensing fee.

Do I have to come to Windham Town Hall to register my car?

Not always. Residents have three (3) options for renewing their vehicle registrations:

Online via E-Reg.

By mail utilizing the renewal notice you received from our office. Return the notice with 1 check made payable to Town of Windham, along with a self-addressed business stamped envelope, and we will mail your updated registration back to you.

Coming in to the office during normal business hours.

All new motor vehicle registrations must be started in person at the Town Clerk's office, so we can process any necessary title paperwork and hand you your new plates and registration. Please note that some registrations (i.e. veteran plates, temporary plates, and vanity plates) must be completed with the State of NH. New residents can find more information here

How soon before my wedding should I obtain a marriage license, do we need a blood test, and are there any other requirements?

New Hampshire does not require a blood test. You may take your license with you after completing the application, and it will remain valid for 90 days. Make sure to bring 2 forms of identification such as a birth certificate or passport, and your driver's license. If this isn't your first marriage, you must provide a final or absolute divorce decree or annulment, or certified death certificate. Please note that you should plan to arrive at the Town Clerk's Office at least a 45 minutes before our closing time to obtain your license, as it will take some time to complete the paperwork. Thank you.

I just had a baby. What do I need to do in order to obtain a birth certificate?

Congratulations! Your baby's original birth certificate can be issued by us as long as your baby was born in New Hampshire. If your child was born out of state, you will then need to obtain the birth certificate in that paritcular town.

How do I register to vote?

There are three ways to register to vote in Windham. 

1) You may register at the Town Clerk's during regular business hours up to ten (10) days before the election.

2) You may register with the Supervisors of the Checklist during one of their posted sessions.

3) You may register at the polls the day of the election.


Proof of residency (i.e driver's license or vehicle registration)

Proof of citizenship (such as a birth certificate/passport). Naturalized citizens must present their naturalization papers. 

Identity (driver's license or passport)

In order to register to vote, you must be 18 at the time of the next election.