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Conservation Commission

Meeting Schedule: 
2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month at 7:30 PM
Meeting Location: 
Community Development Department, 3 North Lowell Road
Support Staff: 
Glenda Hamilton
(603) 432-3806
(603) 432-7362
Direct Correspondence to:: 

Chairman, Conservation Commission

3 North Lowell Road

Windham, NH 03087

Televised Live: 
Yes, Channel 20

The Commission deals primarily with issues such as wetland and aquifer protection and the review of subdivision plans for compliance. Persons interested in meeting with the Commission should contact the Conservation Secretary at (603) 432-3806.


Membership of the Commission consists of five (5) regular and three (3) alternate members appointed by the Board of Selectmen. All appointments, except those made to fill an unexpired term, are for three (3) years, and expire in June.

Currently serving on the Commission are:

  • Lisa Ferrisi, Chair (term ends May 31, 2019)
  • Jim Finn, Vice Chair (term ends May 31, 2019)
  • Pamela Skinner  (term ends May 31, 2017)
  • Wayne Morris (term ends May 31, 2017)
  • Dave Curto (term ends May 31, 2019)
  • Jason Rogers, Alternate (term ends May 31, 2017)
  • Brian McFarland, Alternate (term ends March 7, 2019)

Any resident interested in volunteering their time as a member of the Conservation Commission is encouraged to contact the Town Administrator.  

For the 2016 Conservation Commission Meeting Schedule, click here

For the Conservation Commission Minutes, click here.  


To view the Conservation Commission By-Laws adopted September 10, 2015, click here

To view the By-Laws: Management of Foster's Pond adopted by Selectmen, May 1988, click here.

To view the By-Laws: Management of Deer Leap Natural Area adopted by Selectmen May 1998, click here.

To view the By-Laws: Management of Moeckel Pond, adopted at Town Meeting, March 2015, click here

To view the By-Laws: Management of Rt 28 Town Forest, adopted at Town Meeting, March 2015, click here.

To view the By-Laws:  Management of Campbell Farm Area, adopted by Town Meeting March 8, 2016, click here.  

Land Preservation

The preservation of the remaining farms in Windham has been a major focus for the Commission. After discussions with several landowners the Commission received permission to appraise their properties. At this time two appraisals have been completed. The primary goal of the Commission in 2008 was to closely work with the property owners to permanently protect these historic farms.

View a photo gallery of these areas

To view a map of Town-owned Protected land, click here.

To view a listing of Town-owned Protected land, click here.

To view a brochure of Prohibited Invasive plants, click here.  Although the brochure references the Monadonock region, many of these plants can be found here in Windham.

To view a poster identifying these Prohibited Invasive plants, click here.

To view the report "New Hampshire Return On Investment in Land Conservation", published in the June 2014 edition of The Trust For Public Land, click here.  

Campbell Farm

At the 2014 Town Meeting, the residents of Windham voted to approve the purchase of Campbell Farm, on Kendall Pond Road (Lot 1-C-100). This 64 acre parcel is 40% open fields and 60% wooded land with an 1868 Farmhouse. There is 1589' frontage on Kendall Pond Road and more impressively, 5140' frontage along Beaver Brook. To see a 'bird's eye view' of this historic and scenic gem, go to YouTube.com and type in "Campbell Farm, Windham NH".

The Campbell Farm Sub-Committee consists of 2 Conservation Commission members, a Heritage Commission member, and 4 Windham residents who were appointed by the Conservation. The term of the Sub-Committee members is anticipated to end no later than December 2015.

The Campbell Farm Sub-Committee members and officers are:

  • Betty Dunn, Chair 
  • Wendy Williams, Vice-Chair 
  • Margaret Case, Secretary
  • Lisa Ferrisi, representing the Conservation Commission 
  • Jim Finn, representing the Conservation Commission 
  • Peter J Griffin, representing the Heritage Commission 
  • Kathleen DeFruscia 
  • Derek Williams

To view the Campbell Farm Minutes, which are designated CF, click here

To view the July 2015 NH Preservation Alliance Study on the Campbell Farm property, click here.

Forest Stewardship Plan

The main goal for the Town of Windham acquiring land is to conserve the land and keep it from being developed. Maintaining these open space areas provides passive recreational opportunities as well as habitat for wildlife. Because Windham is a town with a growing population, the conservation commission members recognize that the citizens of the town benefit from having wooded areas for walking and nature watching.

The attached Forestry Stewardship Plan addresses Windham's 10 year plan for Osgood Road 203.2 Acres.

Forest Stewardship Plan and Soils Addendum

To view the Forestry Committee Page, click here.

Cost of Community Services Study

The Conservation Commission commissioned a cost of community services study, which was finalized in January of 2012. A cost of community services study provides a simplified view of the revenue and expenditure by land use type for a particular locality for a particular time period. The outcome of such a study is a set of ratios showing revenue to expenditure for the selected land uses within the community. See the full report here.

Windham Trail Network

Produced in 2001 by the Trails Committee (a Planning Board sub-committee) utilizing a handheld GPS device accurate to +/- 15':

  • Tim Schreiner - Digital data collector and Cartographer
  • Wayne Morris - Member Planning Board and Analog data collector
  • Ross McLeod - Member Planning Board and Conservation Commission

Also available on line is a partial representation of  Windham's Trail Network. These maps were created in April 2001, by Tim Schreiner, digital data collector and cartographer, Wayne Morris, Conservation Commission member and analog data collector and Ross McLeod, Board of Selectman member and former member of the Conservation Commission. Also available, is a 1998 PDF version of the "Walking in Windham" booklet.