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Press Release - Recreation

MARCH 23, 2016

To the residents of Windham:

On behalf of Windham Recreation, I would like to thank the voters for their overwhelming support of Warrant Article #9; which sought funding in the amount of $90,000 to begin construction of a passive recreation area at Griffin Park. The intent is develop the former Skate Park into a location encompassing sitting areas, shade, and activities geared towards both our older and younger Park visitors. These activities will include such things as chess, checkers, hopscotch, and four square.

Overall the estimated cost of this project, without fundraising or donations, is $200,000. Therefore, and in keeping with the recommendation of the Capital Improvements Committee upon their review of the proposal, we will soon begin actively seeking donations and undertaking fundraising efforts towards completing the project with as little, additional taxpayer funds as possible.

Picnic tables, chess/checker tables, kid friendly tables, a bike rack, and a gazebo are some of the larger items planned for the area. In addition, benches of a unique design from those currently at the Park will be installed. We are also looking into the possibility of memorial bricks, planters, or trees as a fundraising means, and more information will be posted on the Town website, WindhamNH.gov, regarding their availability in the future.

I encourage any individual or group interested in making a donation, or otherwise assisting to bring the project to fruition, to contact me at (603) 965-1208. Or, you may reach me via email at Recreation@WindhamNH.gov.

Cheryl Haas, Recreation Coordinator