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Meeting Schedule: 
As needed
Meeting Location: 
Direct Correspondence to:: 

JLMC Chairman

3 North Lowell Road

Windham, NH  03087

Televised Live: 

Current JLMC Members:

  • Pat Robertson, Fire Dept. (FIre Union); Chairman
  • Cheryl Haas, Recreation Dept. (Non-Union); Secretary
  • Dave Poulson, Transfer Station (Management); Vice Chair
  • Jennifer Zins, Assessing (Municipal Union)
  • Nicole Bottai, Town Clerk Dept (Management)
  • Chris Van Hirtum; Police Dept. (Police Union)
  • Vacant (Management)
  • Jennifer Simmons, Board of Selectmen Liaison

As part of the NH Department of Labor Rules, a Joint Loss Management Committee (JLMC) is intended to bring labor and management together as a collaborative team to promote health and safety practices that protects their workforce. 

The Town of Windham's JLMC has designed this website as a public outreach source for individuals who need information on topics related to health and safety.  We invite individuals to access the topic links and hope they educate, inform, or refresh training.  The JLMC asks for employee and public input and encourages participation.  For more information, please contact Cheryl Haas at (603)432-7732 or by e-mail at CHaas@WindhamNH.gov

There is a link below if at any time you have any suggestions, concerns, or ideas and would like to fill one out again.  We will be working on trainings in 2017 such as CPR/AED, safety in the workplace, and more.  Please note that there is a difference between Maintenance requests and JLMC concerns. Please speak with your Department Head, or the Chairman of this Committee if you are unsure which it is.

We look forward to a safe 2017!

JLMC Meeting

The next JLMC Meeting will be on Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 9 am at the Bartley House, 4 North Lowell Rd, Windham NH.


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