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Volunteer Opportunities

The Board of Selectmen is currently accepting letters of interest from Windham residents to fill positions on various Town boards and committees. Letters should be submitted to the Town Administrator, 3 North Lowell Road, or via email to TownAdmin@WindhamNH.gov no later than June 14, 2017 for consideration. Interviews with the Board of Selectmen will then be scheduled for a future meeting. Please be sure to include your address and a daytime phone number. Questions should be directed to the Town Administrator, 432-7732. (Note: Some of the expiring positions are currently held by individuals who may choose to seek re-appointment.

CABLE ADVISORY BOARD – 2 ALT VACANT: One 1-yr and One 2-yr term. Meets the second Thursday evening of every other month. Oversees the operations of the Cable Studio and other cable-related services of the Town, particularly as liaison to the local cable provider.

CONSERVATION COMMISSION – 1 ALT VACANT: One 1-yr term. Meets the second and fourth Thursday evenings of each month. Deals primarily with issues such as wetland and aquifer protection and review of subdivision plans for compliance; negotiates land purchases for approval by the Selectmen.

HIGHWAY SAFETY COMMITTEE – 1 CITIZEN VACANT: No set term limit. Meets as needed or required. Deals primarily with resident/departmental highway safety concerns. Reviews requests for recommendation to the Board of Selectmen.

HISTORIC DISTRICT COMMISSION – 1 ALT VACANT: One 2-yr term. Meets the second Thursday evening of each month. Commission is charged with oversight of the Town’s designated historic districts, and the preservation of historic resources.

LOCAL ENERGY COMMITTEE – 1 REG and 2 ALT VACANT: Two 2-yr & One 2-yr terms. Meeting time varies. Primary role is to advise and assist the Town and its residents on reducing their energy usage and costs

RECREATION COMMITTEE – 3 ALTERNATES VACANT: One 3-yr; One 2-yr; One 1-yr term. Meets the third Thursday evening of each month, with some additional days for field inspections. Handles the recreational activities of the Town, including the Town Beach. Works with various associations involved with sponsoring activities.

REG = Regular Member, ALT = Alternate Member