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Hunting and Fishing Licenses


If you are interested in obtaining any type of license, please have your driver’s license/ID on hand at the time of issue. Also, make sure the person that is getting the license, is the person that comes in to the office. If you are obtaining a hunting license, please have your prior hunting license or current hunter’s safety education card.

*As of 2014, all licenses are issued electronically and printed on regular paper.  The State now charges an additional $2.00 for processing licenses electronically.

License TypeAnnual FeeAnnual Fee

Note: $2 transaction fee charged per license form ($3 online)

Fishing (freshwater)$45.00$63.00
1-day Fishing (freshwater)$10.00$15.00
3-day Fishing (freshwater)N/A$28.00
7-day Fishing (freshwater)N/A$35.00
Senior Fishing (freshwater)$7.00N/A
Recreational Saltwater Fishing$11.00$11.00
Over 68 / Oyster$0.00N/A
Hunting/Freshwater Fishing Combination*$56.00$151.00
Senior Hunting/Freshwater Fishing Combination*$7.00N/A
Senior Archery$3.00N/A
Special Deer Archery$26.00$26.00
Senior Muzzleloader$3.00N/A
Wild Turkey Permit (includes spring and fall)$16.00$31.00
Migratory Waterfowl$11.00$11.00
Small-game Hunting*N/A$53.00
Small-game 3-day*N/A$25.00
Trapper, Resident Adult$36.00N/A
Wildlife Legacy Donation$10.00$10.00
Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Donation$5.00$5.00

*Does not include annual habitat fee of $2.50


Discounted Senior Licenses


Discounted senior licenses are available for state residents who turn age 68 on or after January 1, 2016. Licenses must be purchased each year. Residents must be at least 68 at the time of purchase to qualify for senior rates. Basic prices are indicated below; transaction and wildlife habitat fees may also apply.


The following types of resident senior licenses are available online or at any license agent:


  • Senior Freshwater Fishing ($7)
  • Senior Combination Hunting and Fishing ($7)
  • Senior Muzzleloader ($3)
  • Senior Archery ($3)


All other license types, including Saltwater Recreational Fishing, must be purchased at the regular rates.


Permanent Over 68 License


If you were born on or before December 31, 1947, your Permanent Over-68 Hunting and Fishing license is grandfathered in. This is a free license that can only be obtained at Fish and Game headquarters or Regional Offices 1 (Lancaster), 2 (New Hampton) and at limited license agents. License types are: Fishing, Combination Hunting & Fishing, Muzzleloader, Archery and Clam/Oyster. You may also print and mail an application to NH Fish and Game Headquarters in Concord.


Non-resident seniors pay regular non-resident license prices.


Permanent clam/oyster license: Free license available to all New Hampshire residents age 68 or older. Can be obtained only at Fish and Game headquarters or Regional Offices 1 (Lancaster) and 2 (New Hampton).


Permanent trapping license: Free license available to all New Hampshire residents age 68 or older. Can be obtained only at Fish and Game headquarters.


For more information about hunting, fishing, or OHRV's please visit here.