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Depot Advisory Committee

This Page was Last Updated on March 19, 2008

Historic Depot Photo, Courtesy of WRTAThe Windham Depot Advisory Committee was established by the Board of Selectmen in April of 2004 to, as agents of the Town, research and document the land and buildings at the Windham Depot and develop a master plan for the parcel.

The goals of the Committee are to:

  1. Research/locate any previous survey(s) of the property and/or arrange for a current survey to clearly establish the parcel bounds.

  2. Ascertain ownership of and document clear title to the buildings located at the site.

  3. Support the historic perspective of the land and buildings through research, photographic documentation, etc.

  4. Review the current operation of the Highway Department sand/salt functions and determine the space needs of the Department and/or any possible conflicts in continuing Highway operations at the site.

  5. Develop alternate uses for the site and prepare long-term use recommendations. Also, develop budgetary and time-frame information to support those recommendations.

  6. Meet with representatives of the Department of Resource and Economic Development, Department of Transportation, or other interested parties, as necessary throughout the process to compare available information and discuss a framework for potential future joint use of the property. Also, discuss the potential acquisition by the Town of the currently remaining State property at the site.

  7. Develop final report for presentation to all parties detailing the Committee’s findings regarding the Windham Depot.

The Committee has conducted an extensive site walk at the property, and has explored the interiors of the buildings, which are remarkably well-preserved. Correspondence has also been sent to the departments of Transportation and Resource and Economic Development regarding possible acquisition of the area. As new information becomes available on this prospect, updates will be posted here. Also, coming soon will be more extensive photographs, vintage and current, of this unique historic area.

Currently, the Committee's roster includes:

David Sullivan, Town Administrator

Margaret Crisler,  Selectman

Jack McCartney, Highway Agent

John Mangan, Windham Trails Committee/Rail Trail Alliance

Mark Samsel, Windham Trails Committee/Rail Trail Alliance

Patrick Schena, Chairman Historic District/Heritage Commission

Jonathan Normington, Resident

Wayne Morris, Windham Trails Committee

The following Committee minutes are available for review:

December 21, 2004

February 1, 2005

March 1, 2005

March 16, 2005

April 12, 2005

October 28, 2005

February 17, 2006

July 20, 2006

January 12, 2007

January 26, 2007

June 5, 2007

August 10, 2007

NEW! February 1, 2008

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