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Cemetery Trustees

Meeting Schedule: 
As needed
Meeting Location: 
4 N. Lowell Road
(603) 432-7732
(603) 965-1233
Direct Correspondence to:: 

Chairman, Cemetery Trustees

3 North Lowell Road

Windham, NH 03087

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Consisting of three (3) elected members, the Trustees of the Windham Cemeteries are charged with oversight of the cemeteries, sale and maintenance of grave lots, and coordination of interments. The Trustees operate in accordance with State statute, and adhere to their own adopted by-laws, as well. Any questions pertaining to burials, historical cemetery documents, and the like should be referred to the Trustees.

Currently serving as Trustees are:


The candidacy filing period takes place in January, and is subject to a deadline. For more information on how to register your candidacy for an elected board or commission in Windham, please contact the Town Clerk.

General Cemetery Information:

View a brief history of the Windham Cemeteries here.

The Town of Windham has three (3) public cemeteries as follows:

Please refer to the current Rules for purchase eligibility information.

  • Standard lots:  Are available for purchase in the New Plains Cemetery only. There are no plans to make additional lots available in any other Windham cemetery. Lots are sold as singles, and the fee per lot is $200, which includes a one-time, $100 maintenance fee (formerly referred to as "perpetual care").

  • Infant lots: The Infant Section is located in the Cemetery on the Plain. Lots are available at a cost of $50, which includes a one-time, $25 maintenance fee.

  • Veteran Lots: The Veteran Section is located in the Plains Cemetery. Lots are available to veterans free of charge (DD214 or equivalent required), and to their spouses at the standard lot fee of $200.

 Summary of General Cemetery Rules:

  • Dogs are prohibited. Violations should be reported to Animal Control at 434-5577.

  • Cemeteries are closed between the hours of Sunset and Sunrise.

  • Skateboards, scooters, and other recreational activities are prohibited.

  • Installation of fencing, etc., on lots, as well as planting of bushes or trees is prohibited.

Genealogical Inquiries:

  • All inquiries should be emailed to the Chairman, and will be addressed as expeditiously as we are able.

Historic Cemetery Tour - Updated!

Saturday, August 5, 2017 - 2:00pm

Updated! The full tour guide is now available at the link below.

The Cemetery Trustees are pleased to announce that details have been finalized for a historic tour through the Plains cemeteries as part of Windham’s 275th Anniversary celebration week.

As the date is fast approaching, we ask that everyone planning to attend remember the following: