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NH Route 111 Corridor and Wall Street Extension Study

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BACKGROUND: The NH Route 111 Corridor and Wall Street Extension Study is a Town of Windham feasibility study to determine the feasibility of and develop conceptual plans for three interrelated projects as described below. The study will conduct the required feasibility analyses, develop conceptual plans and carry out related services as outlined in Section II. The study is cooperative effort between the Town, the Rockingham Planning Commission and the NH Department of Transportation. The consultant team selected to conduct the study is led by McFarland‐Johnson, Inc. (MJ). The firm was selected by the Project Advisory Committee through an open, competitive process involving the Town, RPC and NHDOT and overseen by the RPC.

  • Wall Street Extension: Related to the potential for Wall Street to serve as a new connector road between NH 111 and North Lowell Road including development of the rationale, (purpose and need), feasibility, conceptual layout and cost estimate of the construction of the extension.
  • NH111 Corridor Study: Related to evaluating roadway improvement needs as a result of the I93 widening/Exit 3 construction including identifying and developing conceptual plans for future roadway and intersection improvements, developing an access management plan and identifying access management facility needs
  • NH111 Relocation - Village Center: Related to development of a feasibility analysis and conceptual plan for relocating a one (1) mile section of NH 111 beginning just east of the NH 111/ So. Lowell Road intersection and ending at an undefined point between the Post Office and NH 111 / Wall Street intersection to create a Village Center.

The full details of these three (3) projects can be found within the Scope of Work. Additional information about the existing conditions can be found here, here, and here.

Wall Street Advisory Subcommittee Members:

  • David Sullivan, Town Administrator
  • Gerald Lewis, Chief of Police
  • Tom McPherson, Fire Chief
  • Jack McCartney, Highway Agent
  • Sy Wrenn, Planning Board
  • Jim Finn, Conservation Commission
  • Kay Normington, Historic District/Heritage Commission
  • Annette Stoller, Rockingham Planning Commission
  • William Rose, NH Department of Transportation
  • Tim White, Southern NH Planning Commission
  • Robert Ashburn, Citizen at Large
  • Bob Winmill, Citizen at Large

Project Staff: 

  • Gene McCarthy, Project Manager McFarland Johnson
  • Cliff Sinnott, RPC Executive Director
  • Julie LaBranche, RPC Senior Planner
  • Laura Scott, Windham Community Development Director 



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